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We’re here because you read what we post – and we’re getting more readers everyday.  So we’re spicing up the site a little as a “thank you” to our readers.  Yes, we’ve given up on our trusty “Feed a Pigeon, Lose a Finger” sign and decided to brand ourselves.  As we grow our logo is becoming more important, so we’ve opened up the gates and are accepting submissions.  We know the Nike logo was designed for $35 in 1971.  So adjusting for inflation gets us to around $200 (seriously…incredible isn’t it?).  So we’re hosting an official contest for the $200 at a website specifically for such things. Our new logo will be announced and in place January 10th.   Contest began today and submissions are already being posted.  VIEW ENTRIES

December 8, 2008 at 10:11 am

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