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On February 7th this Bugatti type 57S will be actioned in Paris.  The car is expected to go for $5 million.  To put that in perspective, that is how much 16 new Lamborghini Gallardo’s would set you back.  Sixteen.  The odometer on this Bugatti reads just 26,284.  This car has a fairly interesting history.  To say it is rare, might be putting it lightly – the car was custom ordered by the first President of the British Racing Driver’s Club.  The “S” stands for surbaissé – french for “lowered.”  The world will be watching, as it expected to fetch more than any car in history.  The record was set last May by this car, which went for over $10 million.  The expected price was $750,000.  Imagine where that puts this Bugatti.  Go nuts….for a pretty penny.  $TBD BUY

Update:  Sold for $4.52 million.  A steal?  TBD.

January 13, 2009 at 5:14 am

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